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Organization browser in SharePoint 2010 June 3, 2012

Posted by kazaki82 in Sharepoint 2010.

Organization browser in SharePoint 2010

very cool thing in SharePoint 2010 is the organization browser showing everyone in your organization in a very nice silver light control. However, i had quite some trouble setting that up in SharePoint 2010 beta and beta 2. Finally got it working on RC.

SharePoint 2010 comes with a feature called the ‘Organization Browser’ to display org chart style information. By default the web part is located on every user’s ‘My Profile’ tab on their MySite, but it can be added to other pages if required

The Silverlight driven web part uses the ‘manager’ field from user profiles to build up a hierarchy of people. Users can then navigate around this structure in an easy to use manner, viewing a wide range of information pulled from user MySites.


First of all you need to start the User Profile Synchronization service on the SharePoint server

Application Management

Go to Central administration —-application management —manage services on server

Start the service once it’s started go to your service applications and select User Profile Service application and click Manage on the ribbon

Go to Central administration —-application management—manage services application

Under the profile synchronization connections create a new connection

Wait until the profile synchronization is over.

This option depends on the manager field in the Organization tab in users property


This web part could be displayed in two ways first add the web part on any site

Edit the page on then insert
then web Part —Social Collaboration —-Organization Browser

Then it will appear

Or you can go to my site

And it is there by default



1. yashika - September 24, 2014

the images are not being displayed but rest of the data is fetched

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