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Title Missing server side dependencies March 13, 2012

Posted by kazaki82 in Title Missing server side dependencies, [MissingWebPart] WebPart class [8d6034c4-a416-e535-281a-6b714894e1aa] is referenced [1] times in the database.

Title Missing server side dependencies. 

 [MissingWebPart]WebPart class [8d6034c4-a416-e535-281a-6b714894e1aa] is referenced [1] times inthe database [WSS_Content_Intranet], but is not installed on the current farm.Please install any feature/solution which contains this web part. One or moreweb parts are referenced in the database [WSS_Content_Intranet], but are notinstalled on the current farm. Please install any feature or solution whichcontains these

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1. android apk - August 19, 2019

Although an Android program could be made accessible by developers through their sites, most Android
apps are uploaded and printed on the Android Market, an online shop dedicated to these
programs. The Android Market features both free and priced programs.

Android apps are written in the Java programming language and utilize Java core libraries.
They are first compiled to Dalvik executables to run on the Dalvik virtual machine, and it will
be a digital machine specially created for portable devices.

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